What is childish awareness? And how to get to it?

 What is childish awareness? And how to get to it?

What is childish awareness?
 What is childish awareness And how to get to it

Few people know that they have a child who controls most things in their lives, and this child is the repressed desires of a person when he is young, and if they do not reconcile with that child or recover from the wounds of the past, the life of the person will turn. So we'll talk about this article on PORTO STATION  What is childish awareness? and how to access it.

What is an inner child in psychology?

Before knowing what childish awareness is, you must first find out what it is. Inner child In psychology, the inner child in psychology is:

  • Part of the unconscious in a person represents his childhood or childish part of it.
  • An inner child is a part where a person's repressed desires and difficult experiences in childhood are stored.
  • The internal stage of the child in each person begins from the person being a fetus in his mother's abdomen until he or she reaches the age of 12 or 11.
  • Psychologists say that because of the suppression a person has experienced at a young age, he or she is the cause of most of the problems a person experiences in growing up.
  • An adult does not realize that there is a child who has not received adequate care or emotional satisfaction from his or her parents at a young age and needs this from the same person or adult.
  • Most adults are not in sufficient contact or conscious communication with their internal child and do not know anything about it. Therefore, they can live in an internal conflict that manifests itself in the form of disorders or mental illnesses.
  • It is therefore very important that everyone communicates with their inner child to know their emotional and moral desires or needs, and then meet them.
  • If there is good communication between the adult and his inner child, the person's situation will improve, and he will live in internal peace with everything around him.

What is childish awareness?

Childish awareness of psychologists or awareness is defined as:

  • Awareness makes a person communicate with his inner child or the person returns to his or her nature, which God has prescribed.
  • By being aware of the first stage of his life, he returned to a part of himself who was imprisoned in his subconscious because of Painful memories that a person was exposed to at a young age.
  • The childish part of human life can be imprisoned for many if a person does not communicate with this part of it and meets the internal needs of the child.
  • A person's life may be suspended at a given time or moment because of a traumatic situation experienced by a person as a child, and the person is not aware of this.
  • In addition, a person who is unconscious is standing at a certain time in that person's life has a repeated complaint that his life is stalled and cannot accomplish anything in life.
  • Scientists say it is the child imprisoned in the unconscious in a person who steals life from the adult.
  • It is stupid for anyone who suffers in life to ignore communicating with their inner child and knowing what their desires and needs are in life.
  • Anyone who wants to achieve happiness in their world or life has to communicate with their inner child by healing the wounds of this child, knowing what emotional needs he was deprived of at a young age, and meeting them.

How do communicate with the inner child?

There are a set of steps that a person must follow in order to heal the child's internal wounds, and then communicate with him, which are:

First: Recognition of the existence of the internal child, and its impact on a person's life

  • A person can stand in front of a woman, look him in the eye, and tell his inner child I admit you are inside me, consider you part of me, and I want to contact you.
  • Through this recognition, a person sends a message to his unconscious mind that the inner child has a significant impact on his or her life, and that the person wants to communicate positively with that child.

Second: Treatment of childhood trauma

  • This is through a person's orientation to a psychologist, preferably a psychiatrist specializing in pediatric psychology.
  • Your doctor performs psychological tests for the customer to know his or her inner child.
  • In addition, the doctor knows what traumas have already affected the child inside the person, and then works to free them.
  • It is also possible for a person to hire a self-development specialist to heal their internal child.
  • If a person does not have the material capacity to follow up with a specialist in the treatment of the child in the interior, it is possible to take advantage of the free content that many self-development trainers known on their YouTube channels offer.

Third: Meeting the internal needs of the child

  • When they are young, most people have been deprived of many things, whether moral or material.
  • An adult must know what needs and desires have not been met for his or her young child in order to meet them.
  • It is possible to communicate with the inner child during his or her healing process through his or her own reflections, such as reflections of the child's inner tolerance.
  • The person will therefore note that at some point after the practice of the reflections of tolerance of the inner child, he has begun to have some memories of that child, in which he explains to him his material and moral needs and desires.
  • Among the child's internal needs, she was deprived of feelings of respect, appreciation, or lack of parental attention.
  • Also among the needs and desires of the inner child that did not meet him strolling or going out to eat in restaurants or buy a certain toy for him.
  • The adult must therefore show great respect for the internal child while communicating with him or her.
  • In addition, an adult allocates a day a week to go to parks or go amusement parks or restaurants to eat if their inner child asks him to do so.
  • After a person has taken all these steps to communicate with their inner child, continuing these steps for a certain period of time will reach a very large stage in the awareness of the childish part of it.
  • This awareness will make a person recognize the requirements and needs of their internal child, and then meet them, and reconcile with that child.
  • Over time, a person's life will improve for the better because the child who is repressed inside has been released from prison.

At the end of knowing what childish awareness a person can know how to communicate with the inner child inside, especially if he or she has great suffering in life, which is often the child's inner suffering, and he or is not aware of it.

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