Ways to treat children's colic and causes

 Ways to treat children's colic and causes

treat children's colic and causes
 Ways to treat children's colic and causes

What distinguishes the most characteristic of the treatment of abdominal contractions in children is the existence of many and varied ways to do it at home and all come with an impressive effect in treating colic and stopping crying so we will talk in this article on the site Porto Station About a cure. Children's colicMost of these recipes are children's herbal drinks that rid the stomach of contractions and gases.

Children's colic

The reasons that lead to the child's sense of colic vary from child to child and the need to note that these reasons do not include the sex of the baby and also the method of food adopted in feeding the child in the sense of breastfeeding or artificial milk, although this latter reason is responsible for colic in a small segment of the children infected, in addition to:

  • It is named that the child is infected or suffers from colic in case of continuous crying for 3 hours and for 3 consecutive days and the child's crying is intermittent in the long run meaning that he continues to cry for 3 weeks despite providing him with all the comforts.
  • It is worth mentioning that colic affects all children who have been born naturally and does not mean natural delivery or cesarean section, but means that the full duration of pregnancy is 9 months.
  • The newborn should begin to suffer from colic from the age of 14 days and last to 4 months of life, during which time it is noted that symptoms begin to gradually disappear.
  • One of the most common symptoms of colic that appears on the child besides constant crying is the redness of his face during crying notes that crying spells begin at certain times after the child eats his or her food and in the late day and often continue throughout the night.
  • Due to the pain felt by the child caused by colic, it is observed that it moves abnormally by moving the legs and hands unusually, in addition to the inability of the child to sleep due to the severe pain he feels, which also affects the number and grains of milk that the child has taken, which is observed to decrease during the period of suffering from colic.

Causes of colic in children

The treatment of colic children is heavily dependent on the ability to determine the cause of the child's colic and based on this determination the optimal treatment method for the child's condition is chosen and the causes of colic are as follows:

  • The child should be allergic to dairy, especially if the child is breastfed in artificial milk, and the main reason for the presence of dairy allergies is lactose sugar, the main ingredient in milk, some bodies are unable to fully digest it, resulting at the end of an allergic reaction represented in colic.
  • The baby's digestive system is not complete after birth.
  • The mother smoked during pregnancy for the fetus, where studies have shown that the rate of colic infection of the child, whose mother smoked during pregnancy, is twice that of the child of a non-smoker mother.
  • The presence of gases collected in the baby's intestines caused him colic and pain.
  • A child's nutritional imbalance in terms of the number of meals is either over-exaggerated or too few to be enough.
  • Many do not know that a child can develop colic as a natural reaction to the body because of his fear at some point.

Ways to treat pediatric colic

Treatment of pediatric colic with alternative medicine

  • Many mothers use alternative medicine to treat colic in children, especially if it is due to the concentration of gases where the mother resorts to boiling some mint leaves or anise seeds.
  • And then let them cool the temperature of the drink, filter it, and put it in the Bottle-feeding its own without adding any sugar.
  • It is noted that once you drink it, the child begins to take out the wind and gases and often reaches the defecation process and then falls asleep, due to the disappearance of the cause of his lack of sleep.
  • To get rid of colic in the way of alternative medicine, it is preferable for the mother to perform certain exercises that help the child relax and remove the colic and pain by making the child lie on his back and hold his feet.
  • Then move the legs in a circular motion and press the baby's abdomen by bending the baby's knees to the abdominal area, taking care to do these movements with some kindness and noting that stomach cramps disappear the longer the exercise lasts.

Drug treatment methods:

  • A mother cannot give her child any medication, whether for colic or anything else, without taking the opinion of a doctor who specializes in it.
  • Nevertheless, there is a large segment of colic treatment drugs due to gases and contractions such as Nuno water or strange water, which are considered to be the most popular medications for the treatment of colic.
  • Probiotics: Medications that give the digestive system the balance it needs for beneficial bacteria, in case colic is caused by a decrease in the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the baby's stomach and intestines.

Tips and guidelines for treating colic in children

There is a range of tips for the mother to know to avoid and treat a baby's colic:

  • The mother should pay attention to the foods she eats during lactation because the effect of these foods extends to the child through breast milk, which causes him to collect gases, contractions, and inability to sleep, all of which are symptoms of food, so it is recommended to stay away from eating foods known to cause the collection of gases such as broccoli cabbage onions, and stay away from drinking caffeine-containing substances such as coffee and tea.
  • Determine the amount of food a child needs and give it to him without increasing or decreasing.
  • During the crying of the child due to colic, mothers are advised to carry the child on the palm of the hand in the lower direction because this movement has to make the intestines in a better position, in addition to the mother making some massage movements on the child's back, which helps to calm him down and preferably the mother during his crying shifts take him out for a short walk, which helps to relax.
  • After taking the baby to his meal, the mother must carry it to her chest and do some gentle light blows on his back in order to get the air that enters the baby's intestines through his mouth during his meal, because this air is the main cause of the formation of gases and colic.
  • It is recommended that the child get his bath on a daily basis and that the water temperature is appropriate once the mother has dried it and put it in a blanket or clean cover, this helps him to sleep and get rid of the pain and symptoms of colic, whatever the cause, taking care to rub the abdomen during the bathroom, which has very positive results in general.

Treatment methods for colic children are a large part of which can be done at home and preferably adhered to because the effect of these habits extends not only to treatment but also to the prevention of colic and many problems that affect children during their first year.

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