How to tell a partner about feelings, whether it's a man or a woman

 How to tell a partner about feelings, whether it's a man or a woman?

How to tell a partner about feelings
 How to tell a partner about feelings, whether it's a man or a woman

Both men and women do not know how to express their feelings to their life partner, which is very dangerous and can eventually lead to the separation of the spouses or both sides of the relationship even if there is love between them. So we'll talk about this article on PORTO STATION of How to tell a partner about feelings, whether it's a man or a woman?

How to tell your partner about feelings?

Before knowing how to tell a partner about feelings, you should note a particular thing: a life partner not only means being a man but can be a woman, so in this article, we will talk about how a wife expresses her feelings to her husband, and vice versa, by the following:

How do express feelings for the husband?

  • A wife can express her feelings to her husband in more ways than one, but attention must be paid to something very important: it is necessary for the wife to differentiate between what a man prefers, and what a woman prefers, especially with regard to the subject of feelings.
  • Because many women treat their husbands like they are like her or a female or like her friend, but a man should be different.
  • So that a man must express feelings in the way that suits him, not the way that suits the wife, and vice versa for the husband.

As for the appropriate ways in which a wife must express her feelings to men, it is as follows:

First: Take care of the husband in a balanced way

  • A man loves the woman who takes care of him and takes care of the details of his life in a balanced way without feeling monitored by her or treating him as if he were her child or son.
  • For example, a woman can devote time a day or week to spend only with her husband, going out to a nice place to talk to, or playing together.
  • Every once in a while, a woman can make a romantic dinner for her husband as an expression of her love for him.
  • In addition, a woman makes a birthday for her husband or buys a suitable gift for him.
  • It is also good for a wife to show respect for the husband, especially in front of others or in front of children, whether the husband is present or not.
  • Consulting the husband on certain matters concerning the wife, home or children is something that makes the man feel that the wife loves and appreciates him.
  • One of the things a man prefers in his life partner is to trust him, respect him and be loyal to him, and tolerate things or mistakes he did not mean.
  • So it is very important for the wife to show the husband trust him by asking him for help with things that need to be repaired at home.
  • Or the wife's failure to do some things that show suspicion and excess jealousy of the husband, such as searching the husband's belongings or mobile phone.
  • It is also very important for the wife to tell the husband where she intends to go and to ask him for permission before leaving the house.
  • The wife does not hold the husband accountable for every large and small thing, especially the small things he is not meant to do, and it is preferable for the wife to talk to the husband nicely about any unintentional mistake he has made or condoned.
  • Also, a man likes to be expressed love for his life partner by touching or having sex.

How do express feelings for the wife?

After we've finished telling the partner about the feelings by the wife, we come up with how to tell the husband about his feelings for his wife, women often prefer to express feelings of love and respect to the husband through some simple things, such as:

  • Speak thinly with the wife, expressing her love and comfort when or while talking to her.
  • Buy simple gifts for the wife, especially on occasions of meaning and value such as perfumes.
  • Men express their admiration for women in terms of their appearance and exterior, how the house is arranged, or admiration for the wife's skill in cooking or preparing food.
  • Being with women in difficult times is like a disease or a certain psychological pain they go through, and being treated with softness and kindness during that period.
  • Praise the wife in front of others or children, and show love and respect for her in front of them.
  • A man talks to his wife or life partner about his future plans or secrets so that man shows the woman that he trusts her, and trusts her his secrets, which makes a woman feel how much a man loves her.
  • Helping a man to his wife in domestic work, especially in times of wife fatigue, makes the wife feel that the husband loves her and appreciates her.

How to get rid of shyness in expressing love?

There are some husbands and wives who are ashamed to express feelings of love towards their life partner, but the talk here will be about how a person gets rid of shyness in expressing his feelings to the other party in the relationship, which will be through the following:

  • The person admits to himself that he is ashamed to express feelings of love to the other party.
  • The person accepts the situation in which he is currently present or the state of shame he feels by freeing the person of the feelings of rejection he thinks about being ashamed to express feelings.
  • A person can use many ways to edit feelings of rejection, such as the mechanism of allowing trips to David Hawkins or reflections that free feelings of rejection in general.
  • After a person feels that they accept their current status, they can seek to find out the main reason why they feel ashamed to express feelings to their partner.
  • It is possible that a person has suffered a childhood trauma that has made him ashamed to express feelings in general, and when freed from them a person can be more confident in himself and clearly express the feelings of the partner.
  • A person's personality can be introverted by nature, and this type of character is generally ashamed to speak in front of others, and this is their weakness, and they need to work on it.

At the end of talking about how to tell a partner about feelings, you should know that men and women are completely different in terms of feelings, each with its own way of expressing feelings, and neither of them has its own way of receiving feelings from the other side, so this should be well-paid attention to between couples.

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